Environmentally free weed killer


Weeds are a common problem for most gardeners. Though there are chemicals used for getting rid of weeds, they are not that advisable for use; they are expensive, harmful to plants, pets, and children and can also leach into our water.


After series of researches, I found out some ways to control and kill weeds naturally:

  1. Salt and vinegar. The two major natural weed killers are salt and vinegar. Try mixing salt and water together in a spray bottle and spray on weeds. Please note, only use salt where you are not trying to grow anything else as salt sterilizes the soil, so it’s best to use for weeds growing in sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  2. Mix vinegar with water and spray on weeds, this makes an excellent weed killer, and it is eco-friendly than harsh chemicals.
  3. Get rid of the roots. Another way I found to kill weeds is by uprooting them, this way is safer and more environmentally free.

Broadleaf weeds killers

What are broadleaf weeds? They are a large number of different weed types having similar patterns, mostly broad leaves. They include many wild kinds of grass, clover, cats ear, dandelions and other weedy species.

If you have noticed some broad-leafed unmentionable weed in your garden, applying a broadleaf killer is the next step. A spray with broadleaf herbicide will kill as many weeds in its first application, leaving other weeds that don’t fall into its category behind; these other weeds will be quickly identified and treated.

Applying broadleaf weed killers

There are many brands of broadleaf weed killers but are similar in their applications.  Spraying the broadleaf weed killers is very straightforward; however, if you are planning on spraying keep these following in mind.

  • Don’t spray a week before, or after lawn mowing. It allows the grass to heal its wounds from mowing, if not the grass would absorb much of the chemicals applied, thereby, killing the lawn.
  • Don’t water lawns for several days after the application of broadleaf weed killers. It would allow as much herbicide as possible to penetrate the grass before any residual has been washed away from watering.





Pet safe weed killer

Most weed killers we have are not eco-friendly and are harmful to our pet, that’s why it is best to choose a pet safe weed killer. A pet safe weed killer will kill the weeds but won’t hurt your pets. Those are weed killers made with natural ingredients, such as salt and sugar.


Why use pet safe weed killers?

You love your pets, don’t you? You need to know that not all weed killers are safe for your pets even though they may be labeled safe.


For almost every pet parent who owns a garden, using the regular weed killer is not advisable as it might cause to pets. This is why every pet parent has to incorporate the use of pet safe weed killers.


Though, instead of using any weed killers, they are other ways of controlling weeds, one of which is weeding. Weeding is a way of removing weeds manually, it is safer for you and your pets, and it is eco-friendly.

Should you hire a company?

Don’t want to apply weed killer and fertilizer to you garden and lawn your self? Have a professional do it! An example of a good company that applies fertilizer and lawn care is Perfection Lawn Care 

Companies like this are local and are the best way to keep money in the economy. Local companies not only have better communication, but also do much better work unlike big national lawn care companies like Trugreen.